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Design hero academia

What is Trapstar Style?

The Trapstar style was created to stand out from other flyer designs on the market. In a unique way, you will be able to create timeless flyers that sell every single day!

The training offers a proven methodology for creating high-value flyers. Combining theoretical lessons on the essential principles and elements of design with many hours of practical classes, this product is one of the references in the Brazilian market in this field.

Creating flyers has become one of the most profitable and easiest activities for beginner/intermediate designers to start building a new source of income.

Before using the Trapstar Style Method:

After using the Trapstar Style Method:

See now everything you will learn within the Trapstar Style, unlocking the secrets of photoshop

In this module, we will welcome you and introduce you to the Trapstar Style. This way, you can get to know us a little better and officially start your journey with us.

In this module, we will teach you all the theoretical aspects that an elite designer needs to know. Quickly and concisely. What colleges take 5 years to teach you, we will deliver in just a few hours.

In the onboarding module, we will dissect Photoshop for you. We will introduce you to all the necessary tools to reach the highest level in the market, including the “hidden” tools that no one teaches.

Do you struggle to cut out elements within Photoshop? Then you need to watch these classes. Here you’ll learn how to perfectly cut out any image quickly and confidently.

Do you know those image treatments that professional photographers apply to their projects? Here you will learn the most advanced photo editing techniques in the graphic design market.

Have you ever heard someone say that working well with light and shadow in an image is crucial to creating something with a lot of visual impact? Well, in this module, you’ll learn the ambientation techniques that separate professionals from amateurs.

That module you will learn from zero all my posters, i will teach from the white space on photoshop to greatest artworks!

Special module with bonuses to you! 


See the Success: How My Students Mastered Photoshop, Enhanced Their Skills, and Won Clients!

If there are no arguments against facts, there are no arguments against results either. See below some of the thousands of success stories from Trapstar Style. Who knows, maybe the next one could be yours

Projects created by students who started from scratch

Student's artworks weeks after learned my method!

If you dont create artworks using the
Trapstar Style

You will miss out on several opportunities to attract clients 

who are looking for a non-conventional style.

Your skill set as a designer will be limited, as you won’t have at your disposal the numerous techniques that Trapstar Style will teach you.

Other designers who have Trapstar Style will have a competitive advantage over you. Clients seeking this new design trend will be more likely to choose them instead of you.

As the style created by Trapstar Style continues to dominate the design scene, designers who cannot create artworks in this style may be perceived as outdated or less relevant in the industry.

In summary, not having a course like Trapstar Style  can significantly limit the growth potential of your career and prevent you from starting to earn what you’ve always dreamed of in the Graphic Design market.

flyer from zero

Flyers that you will learn
completely from scratch.


Free Bonus - 3 gifts for you at no cost!

Thought it was all? In the Trapstar Style, you’ll gain access to 4 additional bonus products to make Trapstar Style even more powerful to help you take back your time as a graphic designer.

4 bonuses available only in today’s offer – ends in less than 24 hours.

Bonus #01 - Grunge Texture Pack ($97)

-”i dont have good textures to use in my artworks”

We understand your insecurities about starting with Photoshop, and that’s why we offer a special course for beginners that complements the Trapstar Pack. Designed for those who have never used the program, this course will increase your confidence and ability to explore all the functionalities of the pack. Our tutorials are short, efficient, and focused, ensuring practical and uncomplicated learning. With them, you will be ready to fully enjoy Photoshop without wasting time.

Bonus #02 - Design Arsenal ($97)

-”where i can find some design assets to improve my artwork?”

Get ready to elevate your creative projects with our exclusive design arsenal bonus! This bundle is packed with a variety of high-quality resources including stickers, PNGs, textures, and so much more. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned designer, these assets will provide you with endless possibilities to enhance your designs and bring your ideas to life. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your creative toolkit!

Bonus #03 - Fonts Package ($97)

-”and what fonts to use? I don’t know which ones are good”

To avoid you having to do multiple searches for the best sources, I will make all the best sources I use available to you, so you can create incredible art.

The value of everything you receive is an impressive $147.

Total price: $236


Trapstar Style satisfaction seal.

My confidence in the results you will achieve with the Trapstar Style method is so great that I will give you a  30-day guarantee. After purchasing the training, if you do not like it or do not get the desired results during this period, simply send an email to joaoborg1@gmail.com and someone from our team will process a 100% refund of the invested amount.

The risk is 100% ours...

Furthermore, I am so confident that you will be satisfied with the Design Hero Academia that even if you don’t like it and request a refund, I will still keep your access to the pack unlocked as an apology. That’s right, in case you don’t like what you receive, you can get your money back and still keep the product.

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Who am i

Who is borguinho?

My name is João, and I’m 21 years old, but I’m better known as Borguinho. I ventured into graphic design in 2021 after facing challenges with college admissions. I don’t hold a formal degree in design; instead, I’m entirely self-taught, relying on online resources.

Over the past two years, I’ve been fully immersed in the world of design, gathering knowledge from various courses, classes, and resource packs. I’m now excited to share this knowledge with all of you. A significant part of my journey is about passing on this expertise.

These days, my primary platform for sharing is Instagram, where I’m entirely dedicated to delivering diverse design-related content to you. I believe, at its core, it’s what you already know: “Graphic design is my passion.”

Brazil’s largest design marketplace.

Founded by Borguinho, a 21-year-old entrepreneur and designer, Borguinho Shop is one of the largest graphic design marketplaces in America. Challenged by the way traditional education is taught in schools and courses, I have come to show how a simple and effective method can bring you so many benefits in such a short time. Regardless of age or financial condition, my dream is to help others pursue their dreams and passion, graphic design!